Wsus not updating server 2016

wsus not updating server 2016-41

Due to the age of this perquisite update, most servers should already have it.

If you are running an earlier version of WSUS, you technically don’t have to worry about this, as Microsoft will not support these feature upgrades on those older WSUS versions. Regular patch Tuesday security updates (and the like) will still be deployable by these older versions of WSUS for the Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft’s recommended guidance is that, if you ever intend to deploy Windows 10 and take advantage of these upgrades, you will have to install this patch first.

Even though the update is a technically a hotfix, the WSUS team states, “We have tested it the same as we would any Windows Update release, so there is no reason to wait to install the update on your WSUS 4.0 servers.” Personally, I would install it regardless of current Windows 10 deployment plans.

The new update is located in KB3159706, and this time Microsoft is making sure to let customers know that .


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