Whos dating leona lewis

She cares deeply about her family (“Thank you” was written for her parents, who put her through private school even though they were a low-income family) and loves animals.

She has four dogs and two horses back in LA, plus a sanctuary that she runs with a few friends: Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Brentwood, Essex, which has 300 animals.

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She’s even wearing dungarees.“In the past I have been reserved,” she says, reflecting on those early years, “you have to remember I was catapulted into this fame that I never thought would happen and it was amazing but then the privacy is just not there, so to compensate I would choose my words really carefully because I needed to save a piece of me for me and on top of that I had people saying ‘make sure you don’t say this in interviews’, ‘don’t do that’.

You’re a 20-year-old and you just think, ‘Oh God I just have to shut my mouth and not say anything’.”After Lewis’s win in 2006, when she’d just turned 20, she was immediately “riding the wave” of success.

It filters into your relationships and your friendships and your whole life is affected, that’s no way to live at all. “At the time I was speaking of feeling down but not labelling myself as having depression because I know people who have it as a clinical illness and that’s not what I have, but there were personal issues I was going through and with the label and I did have ups and downs.”Lewis also broke up with her childhood sweetheart; former electrician turned talent scout Lou Al-Chamaa in 2010 and is now with classically good looking boyfriend Dennis Jauch, a dancer.

That relationship gets a look-in on the album, on garage-influenced “Another Love Song”.

Does she ever feel the pressure to wear crotch-skimming gear to grab headlines? “G strings are really uncomfortable, so no,” she says.