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Chappelle while he was on his sabbatical to South Africa. That’s what I asked: apparently she was big on the old-school Buffy the Vampire Slayer show, but I never got into that when it was on. In all seriousness, I do recall the infamous “Mila World of Warcraft Announcement Video” on Jimmy Kimmel, so that wasn’t a huge shock.

Apparently during one of his stand-up acts Dave joked that his recent Wo W addiction cost him $50 million (referring to his Comedy Central fiasco); whether it was meant as just a joke, a reality, or somewhere in between is really up to you to decide. Elijah Wood Elijah (or Frodo, for all my LOTR diehards out there) is easily the least surprising celebrity Wo W player on our list, as he has made it quite public over the last decade or so that he loves RPGs (Elder Scrolls comes to mind), and just gaming in general. I do remember however this Jimmy Fallon episode with the hilarious sketch video, “We Are the World of Warcraft“, starring both of them. Aside from the Jimmy Kimmel interview, do you think she still plays now with Ashton in the fold?

I am talking about celebrities – famous television and movie stars, and even a legendary comedian – that all play, or have played World of Warcraft. Many of these stars have announced publicly that they play, or played extensively at one point or another, and when available we have the video footage to prove it. Portman didn’t give it away already, Natalie was the very first celebrity that I heard with my own ears that announced they avidly played World of Warcraft. While many web publications seem to believe that just because these gentlemen all play Wo W because they were paid to be in a commercial, I tend to take a little bit more skeptical view and list them as unlikely, but possible.