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Regardless of what Whitney says about being cordial with Soules – we can all agree that she is bitter, and frankly we don’t even blame her.

The former Bachelor sold her a fantasy about getting married, and then as soon as the cameras were turned off it became clear the only thing Chris was fantasizing about was fame, fortune, and other women.

Whitney Bischoff dished to US Weekly, “Yeah, I’m just casually dating, I don’t know that I have a specific person that I’m looking for.

I think that in general it’s someone who makes me a better person, makes me happy, makes me laugh, and shares a common interest, so I don’t know if there’s a big stereotype with that.” Bischoff did go on to say that she and Chris Soules are still “cordial,” but we couldn’t help but notice that she threw a little bit of shade his way.

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