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Gainesville is home to the University of Florida, one of the top public universities in the nation, and Santa Fe College, the top two-year college in the country. Facebook.com/universitycitychurchofchrist Contact: UCCC Minister Search Committee, [email protected]: to be determined Size of Congregation: 350 Elders: Yes Deadline: 9/30/2017 Contact Person: Don Turk Address: 4626 NW 8th Ave Gainesville, FL 32605 Email: [email protected]: 352-215-3960 Website Address: Profile Huntingburg church of Christ Our Mission: Our Mission Following the pattern of inspired scripture, the Huntingburg Church of Christ is an independent congregation with Christ as its Head.

Gainesville is a thriving community that has become a hub for health care and innovative business and economic development, offering a variety of educational, cultural and outdoor/sports activities throughout the year. We exist to love God in worship and service and to love our neighbors by ministering to their spiritual and physical needs.

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The Tackits have been a blessing for the congregation for the past 18 years. The building we are in now was built in 1995 and the congregation is currently debt free. Website: What we are looking for in our Minister: • Family • 10 years of experience • Conservative/Mainstream • Good with in-home bible studies; willing to spend evenings doing this.

The congregation is active with the World Bible School program with many members involved with the work in Nigeria. • Good with visiting the sick in conjunction with the elders • Evangelistic • Mix equally well with all age groups • Not adverse to an occasional trip to India Contact Information: William Kibby: 812-630-9482 Dan Bean: 812-639-2326 Jerry Tackitt: 812-631-1113 Or Huntingburg church of Christ 1601 N. The congregation of about 150 members has three elders, a fulltime minister and one additional staff member.

We desire to serve God by proclaiming Jesus and His abiding word so that the Huntingburg community and beyond may believe that Jesus is the Christ and that believing they might have life in His name.

A Brief History of the Congregation: In 1984 there was a group of 4 families that had been studying with a gospel preacher by the name of Sammy Flannery and who had obeyed the Gospel and were still studying with him.

We would like for the person to have a record of proven evangelistic outreach with Churches of Christ served.


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