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This includes men looking to get a girlfriend, or men looking to just get laid, or younger men looking to play around, or older guys looking for a wife or younger woman (including sugar daddy game), or whatever. Update: Sunday pm PST – This book’s techniques are field tested and will work anywhere in the Western world (US, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc) as well as the industrialized parts of Asia and South America.I can’t vouch for its effectiveness outside of these areas, but the majority of the techniques should work anywhere in the world where online dating is an accepted part of the culture.

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A 35 minute podcast called “The Second Date,” which includes step-by-step instructions on how to move to sex as quickly as possible on the second date.

It’s the sequel to the free podcast I have on what to do during first dates.

One in five relationships starts on an online dating site, but little straightforward guidance exists for users. For example, uploading the right photos can attract someone who might otherwise pass you over.

Setting a time limit on the first meet-up can leave your date excited to see you again.

You’ll get some awesome bonuses if you order it that weekend before Sunday at midnight.