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This film has it all: scandal (wooing a woman from her husband), intrigue (political unrest in Africa in the early days of World War II), political ("I stick my nose out for nobody,") and sexy (the tension between the two leads is palpable).

Check Amazon rating » thing differently in the course of your day. Think of a techno, hard hitting, much more angry/sexy version of "Its a Wonderful Life," and you'll get it - kind of.

Even after its twenty year anniversary, folks still fondly remember this film - and like the tagline says, "To know Lloyd Dobbler is to love him." Anyone who has watched this movie, does.

A great film to see for couples who have struggled to either be or stay together, proving that sometimes love A bit of a Cinderella story that leans more towards the fantastical, The Princess Bridge is a beautiful tale of a grandfather reading a bedtime story to his grandson.

Check Amazon rating » A young lady informed me about the premise of this film before I'd watched it. " she exclaimed when she found the DVD amongst my things.


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