Teacher student dating stories

Since I—especially as a nineteen-year-old—never turned down an offer for sake on a school night, I happily accepted the invitation and went to his room the next night.

There, it was a study break typical of many of the ones I had attended in my own entryway, except everyone was a senior and boozed up.

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I immediately bee-lined for the restroom, wasted, and faced my reflection in the mirror, slurring to myself, “If you stay, you will get naked.

If you stay, you will get naked.” I reemerged, the other student had left, I stayed, our clothes were torn off, we made out on the couch, he carried me to his bed, we touched each other; I decided in my consensual yet drunken haze that sex was a bad idea, and he complied.

He soon messaged me, saying I should come to a sushi and sake study break he was throwing in his room for the undergraduates in his entryway. There are strict rules in force governing interactions with the RAs—they are not supposed to serve alcohol to underage students, and they’re certainly not allowed to boink their charges.

If the latter happens, they’re expelled from the dorm within twenty-four hours and receive a mark on their records—so he wasn’t trying to seduce me, I reasoned.

It's a particularly easy question where the state, in this case Texas, has passed a simple and straightforward law that makes it a crime, without regard to the age or gender of the student. But when the bill came to the floor of the house, it was amended, and the age provision was dropped.