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How about upping the game with even have curly dark hair, big brown eyes, a dry wit and think nerdy chicks who like to read are the hottest thing in town?

But judging from the site, they also have an unfortunate penchant for dreadful innuendo like “men who have to offer.” The testimonials on 7Or Better also make it quite clear that there is no positive correlation between large size and the ability to write a sentence using correct spelling and punctuation.

So in order to avoid an Idiocracy future full of big-dicked doofuses elbowing women in the ribs whenever they say anything vaguely shlong-related, up to and including, “it's a lot to take on,” “hard to swallow” and such, women need to consider the implications of their choices. But like negotiating with a tricky genie, be smart about those wishes.

Such predicaments as how to tastefully tell/warn a date about said penis, accidental penis-toilet water contact, difficulty getting decent oral sex and so forth.) The point is, this was inevitable. It turns out that human male genitals respond very quickly to evolutionary cues (as well as to hot pretend lesbians) and have evolved—likely in response to women's preferences - to become longer and thicker than those of any other primate.

We already can chose cars, houses, even sperm donors online, specifying everything from a red paint job to bamboo flooring to green eyes. (In your FACE, orangutans.) 7Or Better really is just giving nature a little shove toward our inevitably big-penised future.

Use about a quarter size of lube before you start having sex.