Seattle buddhist dating

It gained Betsuin status from the mother temple in Kyoto, Japan, in 1954.

The Seattle Buddhist Temple hosts weekly Sunday services, annual Bon Odori festival, educational and cultural outreach and activities, and various sports.

We do a guided 16th Karmapa meditation on Sundays at pm, proceeded by a short introductory talk about Diamond Way and Buddhism in general.

Logs containing a few words like "visited it" are subject to deletion.

Photos of the shrine are strongly encouraged when permitted otherwise please refrain from taking pictures inside and in any case, generally have respect for the religious nature of the site.

The phases of the moon are used to create the lunar calendar and the movement of the Sun determines our present calendar.

The heavenly bodies have been inseparably tied with our lives.

Therefore please attend the Star Matsuri Prayer Service to build good relationships with heavenly bodies and deities who are quietly corresponding with your life this year. The special amulet according to your guiding star will be made through the ritual.


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