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Each halo ring is identified by the appropriate isotope and its alpha energy in Me V (Million electron Volts)Idealized three-dimensional illustration of a 218 Po halo obtained by slicing the halo through the center.Each halo ring is identified by the appropriate isotope and its alpha energy in Me V (Million electron Volts) Robert Gentry, a government laboratory researcher discovered that many halos were caused by original (not secondary) particles of Polonium 210 (210Po), Polonium 214 and Polonium 218.

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Moreover, there are no (or a statistically insignificant number of) creatures that we might suppose or rationalize as evolving.

Given the eons of time for evolution to take place,we should expect to see many creatures at all stages of the evolutionary process.

Russell Humphreys of the Creation Science Fellowship of New Mexico, P. However, most scientific evidence (90% according to Humphreys) indicates an earth age much less than that, thereby lending support to the Biblical account of Creation.

It should be noted that the time periods or ages given below are The truthfulness of the Genesis account is being verified by the rediscovery of Noah's Ark, the Red Sea crossing site, and the real Mt. If these "previously held fables" have been proven accurate, then it lends credence to the Genesis account of Creation as well.

But we don't see any missing links to speak of, or creatures in transition.


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    While some 40,000 firemen were available to tackle fires, control of their resources was damaged when the telephone exchange caught fire and rubble blocked the passage of fire engines through the city streets; A second, daylight raid, by the USAAF was conducted at .

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