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'When I got home from school that night, I asked Mum to promise not to laugh and then told her that I wanted to be a nun when I grew up.

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Back then, she could never have envisaged her lifestyle now.

Married to Stuart, 48, a retailer, she is mother to Isabella, seven, and Joey, six, and is a broadcaster and writer.

A familiar scene in any family home - and usually the time of day when most of us long for some peace and quiet. She revels in the hurly burly - for Deborah is a former nun.

She spent six years in a convent, devoted to a life that meant she would never marry or have children.

Honest, open minded, understands peoples feelings; looking for real love, from a rich woman who has got the heart for people/ someone who desires to touch the world with the character of the Holy Spirit. Hi females.a handsome 28 yrs old..5.9' heighted fair looking guy with sharp features and lean built body.very decent n well mannered guy brought up in an well educated family.a graduate worked with a few MNCs before n also was a not fit and I wish to be rich soon..her…


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