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Thank you, Just Me - you made me feel a LITTLE better. we used to have some missionaries staying at a house down the road from us (we live in St. I am trying to be respectful; it is me who is afraid of being judged (and the impact on my kids) because we aren't LDS. Even though they made some friends, all three hated it and left as soon as they could.

George) and they were always trying to 'tell' us about their true religion. Even though I understand it is better than it used to be, it is still a very insular culture.

So come, stay and enjoy what we do have here if for no other reason. Downtown Ogden is an historical street with antique shops, eateries.

And, hopefully, you'll meet some good folks who will help to make your social life happier, too. Our public transit isn't the greatest compared to other metropolitan areas I've lived. CLINTON is an excellent place to live, again because it's straight west of HAFB, new subdivisions, new shopping centers, etc. Religion isn't really an issue there, and she's never had anyone even mention it.

Look, most LDS will, now days at least, try once or twice to witness to you. Mormons are generally kind, but because it is the dominant religion, you'll get all kinds, like anywhere else. Wendover, Nevada is but 1 1/2 hour from Salt Lake (2 from here) for adult play, casinos, concert venues, et.