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Even the shrewdest women have inadvertently stumbled into a Pig sty. No Matter how much advice women heed on "getting a good man"--advice such as wearing skirts not pants, being coy, and feigning unavailability--Pigs persist.


I asked El Surveillance if he was serious about the claim that the site was run by Russian blackhats or if he was just trying to scare users off.

In a private chat, he replied that all of the sites that he has been leaking data from are developed by the same developers: They all share the same Admin username and only 3 different passwords [and are] Hosted on the same server They edited a profile that I created and the reviews They even messaged my (sic) on behalf of the users and asked for money or my account will get deleted The IP address who messaged me matched the IP Address of the admin logs including some of the profiles that were created and many more Passwords are store in plain-text and view-able to the admin I have been monitoring them for 2 months, And I don’t have a reason why should I scare the users, They will get punished anyway 🙂 El Surveillance tells Data that in the next few days, he plans to include all the admin identities and login details in a final dump that will include more than 50 dating websites/databases and over 5 million emails and passwords in plain-text.

Before finally meeting Mr Right I had so many dating disasters I could have written a book about them… So, for what it’s worth, here’s my guide on dating and how to avoid dating disasters.

But hey, come to think of it, maybe I am the very person to ask for relationship advice as I’ve had so much experience on what does and definitely does not work!

Justin was at the nightspot for the official after party following his Purpose world tour gig in the city, and also to mark club owner and restaurateur David Grutman's 36th birthday.


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    Done cleaning in the kitchen, Felicia F strips and climbs on the counter in her lingerie and denim shorts.

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    I love romance, freedom and I am very much future oriented.

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    It is not often that I meet people that I really admire (and are cute! Now, I know INTJ is not on the short list of compatible matches for INTPs (at least for male INTPs). We dated for 8 years before getting married 11 years ago, so we've been together a long time, and we are one of the happiest, most compatible couples I know. Always respect her intellect, and be very, very careful with criticism. (Usually along the lines of exchanging witty insults for 15 minutes straight before one of us runs out. There is a re-match every week.) The times he is pleasant though is great. In terms of achieving, I do alright, but I probably don't live up to my professional potential, but that is by choice. If you are only correcting the logic of her argument she will think you are getting stuck on the details and not seeing the bigger picture.

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    He started to push me to the bottom under the blanket to its members. Lifting the blanket, he said: -Imagine that this popsicle and you want chocolate neprokusyvaya reach creamy ice cream. At first I was not hurt even nice to me since he jerked off, but when he started to push in light jerks dick me snanovilos hurt but I endured while small shocks, do not become sharp.