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See more » Moonglow Written by Edgar De Lange (as Eddie De Lange), Will Hudson and Irving Mills Performed by Artie Shaw & His Orchestra, Courtesy of RCA Records By arrangement with Sony Music Licensing See more » Gangster movies have been a major component to American cinema for quite some time.

With established films like The Godfather series, Scarface, among other films, sometimes it can be hard to produce a quality modern day crime film.

Live by Night uses the big budget of the film industry to recreate the roaring 20s, complete with old fashioned zoot suits, classic car models, and the nostalgic traditional models of high-end restaurants.

I felt I had traveled back in time in this flick, with only the high definition cameras and a recognition of modern day fabric to shatter the illusion.

If you look at the classics, the storytellers built up tension that climaxed at those gut-wrenching moments as a character was killed.


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