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“We’ve changed quite a bit of stuff since Vatican II,” says Claretian Father Greg Kenny.

“I don’t think allegiance to one church or one faith should keep you from the most basic command, that you should love one another.” Kenny says the way the Catholic Church should deal with the growing number of interfaith marriages is on a grassroots level, one couple at a time, with parish and diocesan programs.

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The classes suggested they pick one religion for their future children.

“We chose Judaism early on because it was the root of all Christianity, and there was nothing in my religion that Mike couldn’t understand,” Sarah says.

Mike was raised Catholic, in what he calls a “very religious family.” He went to a Catholic school and attends Mass regularly.

“When I started dating and when I met Sarah, religion wasn’t a factor,” he says.

Despite these challenges, Garcia believes that mixed marriages offer an opportunity for “peace and understanding, and, where possible, unity.” “The Catholic Church is moving towards how to support the interchurch/interfaith couple,” Garcia says.


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