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An anonymous official told the Associated Press that the FBI is investigating the claims the shooter had been at the club before and had used gay dating apps.Mateen and his family had the typical profile of striving immigrants in this country.But there were also hints of darkness in Mateen’s life, according to interviews with relatives, friends, ex-classmates, former co-workers and acquaintances: Being Arab American meant he stood out in a small South Florida town and was bullied in school.

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“He’d try to joke and laugh and make fun of himself to get the attention off of himself.

But it didn’t work.”Court records released Monday depict a meandering life for Mateen after he left the alternative school.

“He was a chubby kid and got bullied about his weight.

He was probably one of the only kids of Arab descent.

Former classmate Samuel King and his friends also hung out with Mateen at the mall, where Mateen worked at the GNC store after high school and King at Ruby Tuesday.