Family plus dating service

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We managed to speak to Beverly Hills’ most eminent mother-daughter matchmaking duo from Elite Connections International, Sherri Murphy and Tammi Pickle, on finding love, especially if you’re a career-driven woman.

The Elite Connections VIP dating program presents a personalized approach which is designed to create quality matches between individuals who want to date ‘elitely’ and form a relationship with select partners. Some people can’t or don’t want to post their photos and personal info online, especially when they’re worth millions.

Susan*, a career woman in her 40s, said that she would highly consider a matchmaking service as soon as she’s ready to settle down after reaching a certain point in her career.

“I wouldn’t want to waste any time at all once I’ve made the decision, hence I believe that signing up and even paying to be matched by a matchmaking agency would be most convenient because I would already know what I’m looking for in a man at that point of my life.”You’d wonder how and why people would opt for matchmaking services when there’s a multitude of online dating options in this tech-savvy era, however we often fail to think that some people prefer privacy and to maintain the sanctity of love.

Patricia*, a career woman in her late 30s, single mother and a frequent online dating site user says that online dating is of great convenience as she can select dates based on the chemistry of their chats, his profile and other information such a career success and life goals.