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Charlyne also has performed in a band called ' The Glass Beef' with Paul Rust, and now performs as a solo artist in the band ' Old Lumps'.

Did Michael Cera come on board early on in the process?

I think after we figured out what we wanted to do with the film -- combining the documentary and the narrative -- we hammered out an outline and made a list of all the young actors we found talented. I didn't actually see him act before, and he told me to watch Ah...

Whether put-on or physical impossibility, both theories leave room for a Cameron Crowe-style reconciliation.

Young geeky outsider chooses to go after a popular beauty but discovers she is shallow and small minded thus forcing him to look in his own backyard.

Now it's going to much more theaters and people seem to be aware of it. Because of that, he came up with the idea of creating a narrative and using that as the basis.


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