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"Return of the Spider Slayers""The Menace of Mysterio""Kraven the Hunter""The Alien Costume, Part Three""The Hobgoblin, Part One""The Hobgoblin, Part Two""Day of the Chameleon""Battle of the Insidious Six""Hydro-Man""The Mutant Agenda""Morbius""Enter the Punisher""Duel of the Hunters""Blade the Vampire Hunter""The Immortal Vampire""The Final Nightmare""Doctor Strange""Make a Wish""Attack of the Octobot""Enter the Green Goblin""The Spot""Carnage""Goblin War!

""Turning Point" In her early life Mary Jane had an abusive father who constantly yelled at her and her mother and eventually left them.

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Strange and Wong freed Spider-Man and the three heroes attacked the cult and Mordo.

Mordo planned to use the wand to release Dormammu from his dimension.

Mary Jane wanted Peter to come help her but he was detained.

She saw her father and left with him before Peter arrived.

Mary Jane took some self-defense classes to help defend herself while in the city.