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When you're done, you can create the word search puzzle as HTML, text or lowercase text.

There are quite a few options for this free word search maker so you can really customize what the final word search puzzle will look like.

The final word search puzzle is very nice looking and makes a great puzzle for a kid or adult to complete.

The free word search maker at Pro Profs creates a word search puzzle that's completed online instead of being printed.

You'll get to input the words for the word search puzzle, the title, a description and keywords.

Just paste in a URL and the puzzle will be auto-populated with words taken from that page.

You'll have to register with Pro Profs before you can build a word search puzzle, but doing so is completely free.

These word search makers do make it incredibly easy to make a word find, and you'll be surprised the quality of puzzle you'll get when you're done.