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dating a fender amps by transformer-67

If the transformer was read from a silverface Vibro Champ we can deduce it was made in 1974 – almost…

Remember that this is when the transformer was manufactured.

You will get a beep from the Orange wire to the Brown/White or Black/White wires on version B.

Note: The last batch of TBPT's that I received from victoria amps has the orange wire moved to the other primary.

A00100 to A02000 – 1964 A01200 to A08100 – 1965 A08100 to A17000 – 1966 A16000 to A21000 – 1967 A20000 to A26000 – 1968 A25000 to A28000 – 1969 A28000 to A29000 – 1970 A29000 to A32000 – 1971 A32000 to A35000 – 1972 A33000 to A39000 – 1973 A39000 to A42000 – 1974 A42000 to A51000 – 1975 A51000 to A53000 – 1976 Export models had serial numbers that started with a “B” rather than with an “A”.


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