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Also, Zane likes coffie.(15%) The gifts for Devin are the coffee (which makes him think about tacking you to the cafe) and the plushie. Photo 4 - Watch Thane and Spencer fight during the Pool event.

The gifts for Ace is the book (25%), the coffie, (wich gives you (15%) relationship, and the fries, also (15%) relation ship.e merry go round, to the left of the balloons-Inside the gift shop, on top of the purple shelves-Inside the Float Ring, by the pool-On the beach chair inside the pool house-At the bottom of the gumball machine inside the arcade-On top of the salt shaker on the right-hand table inside the cafe-At the front of the park; it can be seen between the bars at the entrance PHOTOGRAPHS: Photo 1 - Unlocked at the start.

The gifts for Emerson are the cd(25%), coffie(15%), & hamburger(15%).

The gifts for Cody are the game(25%), burger (15%), and the fries (15%).

You have 30 days to spend and build relationships with up to 5 unique characters.


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    The show's 30th installment -- which finds four girls and three guys living in a converted Chicago nightclub -- is no different, except those skeletons are guaranteed to be exposed for all the world to see.

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    The Bible says "Let us love one another, for love comes from God.

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    Termed “The New Monogamy” in the journal it’s a type of polyamory in which the goal is to have one long-standing relationship and a willingness to openly acknowledge that the long-standing relationship might not meet each partner’s emotional and sexual needs for all time.

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    Mrs Davis says her parents are tolerant Christians and they blessed them because they thought the marriage was God's wish.