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Once I have established those definitions, I would explain that the fossil record supports the account of biblical creation and argues against this definition of evolution, e.g. However, to believe that humans are only living longer and longer lives is inaccurate. When Adam sinned, death entered into the creation and Adam and Eve immediately died spiritually, became separated from their Creator, and began to die physically as well.all life forms appear abruptly in the fossil record fully formed. Life expectancy dropped considerably after the Flood from hundreds of years to 3. Radiometric dating methods are often used to prove the long ages associated with the Theory of Evolution.

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I would certain that the definition of evolution, e.g.

‘change in a kind of organism over time’ (Miller & Levine 2004) is understood and also make certain that this person understands that ‘variation’ is not evidence of evolution or one form of life changing into a completely different creature over time. For further information concerning this subject see Creation Science, The Fossil Book, Refuting Evolution I & II on our resource page.

I would suggest that it is unscientific to exclude scientific explanations because the premise might be unpopular, e.g. The biblical version of the Flood produces the environment necessary for ice to accumulate on the land in sufficient quantities to be labeled and Ice Age. The rate of 14C decay is such that half of an amount will convert back to 14N in 5,730 40 years. So, theoretically, in two half-lives, or 11,460 years, only one quarter will be left.

Intelligent Design infers a Creator so it is censored from the debate. I would ask this person if they would be willing to examine some evidence for biblical creationism and then be willing to provide that evidence and prayerfully follow up with them later. The oceans need to be warm at mid and high latitudes and the land masses need to be cold, especially in the summer. An Ice Age Caused by the Genesis Flood, Technical Monograph, Institute for Creation Research, El Cajon, CA, pp.1-22. What is true about the decay rate of 14C is that it should be completely converted into 12C if something is millions of years old.

I would suggest that it is unscientific to exclude scientific explanations because the premise might be unpopular, e.g. Secondly, the question begins with the phrase “is it possible that God…” Although God is all powerful and nothing is too difficult for Him, there are some things that are impossible for Him to do.