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I always felt like she became like their muse to some extent, and of course they would do all that just to keep her happy. The Jess character magically got a lot of Dean's best qualities when Bledel started dating Ventimigila and they tried trashing Dean.

If you're a twenty-something woman who talks fast and drinks a lot of coffee (or just anyone with good taste in TV, really), chances are high that you're a major fan of Gilmore Girls.

And, chances are even higher that on June 6, you were perched in front of your laptop, eagerly awaiting every new bit of detail from the Gilmore Girls reunion that occurred at the ATX Television Festival.

Nel 2005 è Chris Pierce, il fidanzato di Meg Pryor (Brittany Snow) nel telefilm American Dreams.

Nel 2006 recita in ben tre pellicole: l'horror Stay Alive, il thriller Intelligence e il sesto capitolo della saga dedicata al pugile Rocky Balboa nell'omonimo film, in cui Milo veste i panni del figlio di Sylvester Stallone.

The two were seen smooching on a June 14 flight from NYC to L. (Since they both had middle seats one row apart in coach, he turned around to kiss her in front of all the passengers!


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