Accommodating children with special needs in the classroom

Susan King is a teacher with 27 years experience with all ages, grade levels and ability levels, including teaching in China.She has written a book, "The Road to Rebecca," about adopting from China. She also has a Th M from Colorado Theological Seminary in Christian Counseling and recently received her Ph D.

accommodating children with special needs in the classroom-25

The first step involves evaluations of a special needs child by occupational, physical and speech therapists.

As part of the educational team--which also includes parents, the special needs and regular education teachers, an administrator and the student, if appropriate--the therapists will report on any adaptive equipment needed to help the child succeed.

Side rails and extended toilet seats help those who have trouble getting up and down off a standard toilet.

Some students might need a changing table or other equipment; it's critical to provide privacy and preserve the individual's dignity when choosing equipment of this type, while still ensuring maximum independence.

Therapists might recommend that a child remain standing for a certain portion of the day.


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