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Our messaging was fun and made me feel cosy as we were talking for real.

I can't say that it was love at first sight, but after a month I was already adamant that one cannot succeed without running a risk, so I ordered a trip to her.

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and here I am, a man who is planning a wedding with his beloved and charming woman!

Go ahead, be optimistic and believe in love – that is all you need to find happiness with that special someone!

”), is something Happier Abroad founder, Winston Wu, wrote to me during an email correspondence about his essay on true freedom on his site.

Winston Wu, the Taiwanese-American founder of Happier Abroad.com, tells me a bit about his background and his observations and experiences living and traveling all over Asia and Russia for the last decade.

hope my next post here will be about our wedding, I promise to attach a photo!!! I googled different sites, registered on several, but ultimately I stopped at Foreigngirlfriend.