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We’ll just say for the record that there is no way that people won’t be getting naked on Airtime. For all the hiccups, Airtime looked fun, well-designed and easy to use.

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I continued on to fight the good fight against assholes on chatroulette. I’m happy I could bring that much joy to one man’s face. One thing I’m proud of are my fast internet skills. Would I have to use a quick wit to get these guys to keep punching their friends in the face? They also hold the distinct pleasure of being the last two I got to punch each other.

Actually…they would fight the good fight because it would be them hitting each other. This is a pre-punch shot and I don’t remember what happened, but I know I only saved screen shots from people who punched so, rest assured, that guy got it right in the jaw. If you think that says a lot about what kind of person I am, remember…I was making people punch each other in the face on a Saturday night. Men of all background, creed, color and beliefs will all band together and punch each other in the face so they can see some tits. As is always the case with me and chatroulette…I got bored.

Expectations were starting to flag as a scrum of reporters stood in a milk-white waiting room waiting for Airtime to fix a few last-minute bugs. “The social network is basically constraining who you interact with and what you say,” Mr. “There’s a part of me that feels somewhat bored by this.” Betabeat felt a shiver as we pictured what happens when Mr. The app, as demonstrated by the celebrity guests, requires no download—just a webcam and authentication through Facebook.

“Sean is freaking out,” we overheard one Airtimer confide. ) But media were ushered in just after , and when latenight talk show host Jimmy Fallon ran onstage to rock music to introduce us all to the “live social video platform,” we knew we were in for a show. Fallon asked Airtime cofounders Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker. Parker’s intro was all about simultaneous Internet-ing. Once in, users can two-way video chat with a friend or a stranger who shares the same interests, as determined by “likes” on Facebook. Airtime is also integrated with You Tube, so users can search for a video within the app and watch it together. Parker always stays on the phone after he tells his fiance to watch a video, he said, because he wants to witness her reaction. Dogg did not answer on the first ring—it’s possible to record a video message.

Here was a trusting guy who had obviously been burned before.