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However, this method doesn’t allow us to get a rate at which the gas is coming out, and this can be an important thing to know for monitoring.

Optical techniques can be used to calculate emission rates, and can be a safer way of monitoring gas if direct sampling is not possible. A multi-decadal view of seismic methods for detecting precursors of magma movement and eruption.

The Roman Macellum (marketplace) in Pozzuoli, Italy is at the centre of the huge 13-km wide Campi Flegrei caldera. These holes indicate that the ground sank below the sea-level after the marketplace was built, the columns were then underwater long enough for the molluscs to eat holes in the marble, but then the columns were uplifted out of the water and exposed.

Just below halfway up the large marble columns lies a band of holes made by shallow marine molluscs, but these holes now stand many meters above sea level. The dark bands on the three marble columns are a band of holes drilled by shallow marine molluscs, when the columns were submerged below sea level. In fact there have been many repeated periods of uplift and subsidence at Campi Flegrei, since Roman times.

Measuring the gas is the only way we have of measuring real volcanic products before the magma actually comes out of the surface.