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It will lessen any sense that sexual topics are off-limits and embarrassing. Can the baby see or hear anything when she's in your tummy?

Some kindergartners will be satisfied with that answer, others may follow up with, "Do you mean an egg like the ones in the refrigerator? "Keep answering her questions as long as she shows interest, but don't overload her with information if she's ready to stop and go play with her baby dolls. No matter what your child's question, try not to snap, "Where did you get that idea?

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And keeping this in mind I want to answer any questions that you may have related to sexual health.

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She may or may not really desire privacy at this age, but she'll better understand the household rule if you follow it, too.

A kindergartner should also know that her private parts are private, and that no one should touch her there but her parents or her doctor, and then only for help after using the toilet or for a checkup.

Even if your child creates an embarrassing situation for you, try not to put her off — the adults within earshot have heard it all before, and your priority is to make your child feel she can talk to you about anything.