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In Texas, they make a thick chili sauce that isn’t used here. JS: If you really hit it big with the sitcom, maybe you can pay somebody to fly a cup of corn to your house in L. Next time you come to Texas look me up, whatever.” And he asked me if I wanted to move to Los Angeles and open for him on a regular basis.So I eat a huge cup of corn every day that I’m in Texas, because I know that I can’t get it here. And I said yes, and I picked up all of my stuff, moved to Los Angeles, ended up getting a job writing on his show, on Comedy Central.They had a lot of other projects with a lot more famous people and they really didn’t know me. So the project was dead, and I had nothing to do, so I went back to stand-up, which was always the plan. Then, two weeks later, Valentine’s Day week, I landed in San Antonio to do the LOL Comedy Club, and my executive producer for , Becky Clemons, has left this voicemail for me.

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I flew my family out here for the taping because I thought, “This could be the one time in my life that they could see me onstage in a TV show.” For the next couple of weeks we worked on editing. I think they were surprised by what we pulled off with the amount of money we had.

And then we sent it in to ABC, and ABC was really happy with it.

I remember calling my family in Texas meaning how poor we grew up and how we started at this diner and now the youngest one of the family is going to have her own TV show on ABC, a channel that we grew up watching.

And not only that, but the show is named after me and it’s about our family.

Then I started going on the road with him and did that for almost three years.