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Rogers also spoke to coaches at Oklahoma and Kansas State about Newton, the NCAA said.

The NCAA and Auburn found Cecil Newton and Rogers first discussed asking representatives of Mississippi State for "a substantial cash payment" around the time of his official visit from Nov. Rogers was also on campus during the visit and, NCAA documents say, he and Cecil Newton met with two Bulldogs assistants in a hotel lobby and discussed payment.

Bond indicated that Rogers, who operated Elite Football Preparation for prospective college athletics, told him he was just trying to get Newton to play for his former school and they "just had to make it happen." Bell also told the NCAA Rogers didn't give him any indication that Newton knew about the efforts to collect money."There is no information suggesting that Rogers had similar discussions about a cash inducement with any other institution, either directly or indirectly," one joint Auburn and NCAA document stated.

Auburn said it had no contact with Rogers while recruiting Newton and "was in no way involved with offering or considering an offer of any recruiting inducement.""Despite numerous media reports suggesting Newton himself has engaged in wrongdoing, the facts clearly demonstrate Newton has done nothing wrong," Auburn told the NCAA.

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