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Newbie’s Lounge – If you are new on the chat rooms please use the newbie’s room which is first on the list, the newbie’s rooms is there for people to try out the chat room, without the need to register and for people to talk to admin or hosts about their chat rooms needs, do not be offended if you are asked to move rooms Registration is and will always be FREE, all you need is a valid email address and insert your age and sex, anyone who does not fill out their age on registration will be deemed to be underage and kicked out of the chat room. You must be 18 to chat in our rooms and also Please note that World of Chat is an English speaking room, and we don’t permit people to speak in different languages in World of Chat.However, the private chat room can be enjoyed by more than two people at a time.

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Chat rooms are an offshoot of electronic bulletin boards, which are offshoots of traditional bulletin boards.

At first, people posted messages, ads, and queries.

Other rooms are open to registered users so please use them when they are unlocked.