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In some cases, the travel agency will arrange for entire travel packages, including vehicles for local transportation, rail and air travel, while in other cases, local travel agent will be hired in different cities and towns as few travel agents have an extensive nation wide network.

However most of the customers of travel agents are individuals and families travelling on a holiday for fun, to take a break or for religious reasons.

Also finding the best travel deal online can be a very time consuming process as the prices of tickets keep changing, depending on the demand and availability for the ticket.

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Though the government falsely claims that demonetization will lead to a cashless and paperless economy, in 2016, the indian government lacks the competence and honesty to implement any kind of technology on a large scale.

While connectivity in large metro cities is fairly good, in smaller towns there are many network failures, and banks which should have failure proof systems are often down, wasting the time and money of their customers.

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