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I feel like it’s whoever you have the closest vibe with and whoever makes you feel like you’re at home.Probably like a child therapist or something of that nature.

Actually, I hate to piggy back off of Omar’s answer but I would say the same thing – failure, that’s a pretty intense, honest one right there.

My brothers have a real quick metabolism it’s like they burn the food while they’re chewing it!

Spawning a 15-year friendship, acting relationship (, which follows the Stallworth family and their new beginnings after winning the lottery and relocating, shows that family isn’t perfect but they are always here for you to weather the storm.

AC: I think anytime you’re able to let your guard down and just relax and be yourself and not have to worry so much about the outside world I think that’s what family time is.

I never had the chance to play because I was always so busy.


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