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For the four heroines of School-Live's zombie/moe mashup, it ends not with the zombie apocalypse, but with the threat of a simple mistake and a few secrets that perhaps should never have been ke...― Re LIFE Visit the Official Site Story Characters Trailer Cast & Staff Gallery On air starting July 2016 Key Staff Director: Tomochi Kosaka ("Yowamushi Pedal" as Unit Director for eps 29) Series Composition: Kazuho Hyodo ("Big Windup" (episodes 6, 11...― Anime Expo saw Aksys Games announce Steam versions of several titles, including XBlaze Lost: Memories, Tokyo Xanadu, and Aegis of Earth.

Many times that's because we simply need the emotional rest, but sometimes it's because our home lives involve hobbies that we'd just as soo...

It seems only fitting that this throwback countdown be child-themed, and it also happens to be the first edition of The Li...― Psycome is not a novel for the faint of heart.

Featuring a hero framed for the brutal murders of twelve people and set in a school/penitentiary, there are plenty of moments of physical violence and references to rape.

One hot summer day, Naoto Kamino finally musters up the courage to reveal his true feelings for his crush, Rika Manabe.