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One of the most common problems I see out there is Indian guys in Europe are alone.

We may torture a woman for working in home and giving birth to our kid but do not cheat for other woman whenever “space” is found and of course women will also do same.

We do not throw woman out of home while it is freezing outside and lost interest in her(when any new and attractive woman found).

I was sat next to my ‘power guy’ on the same side of the table – instead of across from each other – at the quaint and lovely North-West Indian restaurant Samarkhand, enjoying some wine and their damn tasty lamb chops.

A large table of 10 guests across the room stood up and one by one started making their way for the door when the ‘mom’ spotted us sitting close to each other and chatting.

The purpose of this post if to tell you the reasons why and how to over come these issues with cross cultural Asian European dating.